Ok, so you want to know...

how much does it cost to built Rosalind?

We can't say with absolute certainty how much it will cost to build a child of Rosalind. We can help you make a rough estimate (it is parametric afterall)!

One thing we can say with certainty, is that apart from the materials you will need to have passion, patience and perseverance in order to get into the art of 3d printing.

the 3ps

Estimated cost

In order to calculate the cost you need to look into the Bill Of Materials below, and see what you need to order. We offer the option of preparing the printed parts that you will need through our Order from the Queen page.

We have estimated that the procurement cost for building the clone of Rosalind is around $500, without the printed parts.

This price is based on prices available in March 2019. You may need to look into it further for a more precise estimate.

tools you will need

The Bill of Materials

The Bill Of Materials, or BOM for sort, is the list of all the things you need in order to built your Rosalind.

It consists of:

Printed parts

Printer Frame



In the world of 3D printing, vitamins are all the itty bitty necessary things that you need!

Rods (usually steel)


Screws and Bolts




A spool of PETG filament.


There are always things that we can do better. Our suggestions on some improvements are below: